About FMI Defense

FMI Defense, LLC, is based in Southern Pines, North Carolina and works with Military Family Support Organizations such as the US Army’s Directorate of Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) and the US Air Force’s Force Support Squadrons (FSS) at military golf courses across the country. FMI Defense was founded by a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and is proud to provide a significant portion of its revenue to these organizations. It is the goal of FMI Defense to support U.S. Military golf and the mission of the Military Family Support Organizations across all services to better the lives of military personnel and their families.

FMI Defense has been placing high quality, tournament style scoreboards at public, semi-private and private golf courses for years and has now expanded its efforts to include the U.S. Military. Working with the installations, FMI Defense places scoreboards at military golf courses and sells advertising opportunities directly on the scoreboard.

FMI Defense provides the scoreboard to the military at no cost and shares a significant portion of all advertising revenue. Through its Reward Card Program, FMI Defense increases the number of rounds of golf at the golf course by filling available tee times. Each scoreboard also provides additional tournaments per year to the golf courses. The net result for the military is tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue to help support military members and their families.

Our advertisers are provided the rare opportunity for permanent signage directly on a military installation. Through the FMI Defense Reward Card Program all advertisers can provide their customers, clients and employees free golf to the military golf course. Since a portion of all advertising revenue goes directly to the military, our advertisers can promote themselves as “Proud Sponsors of the MWR/FSS”.

FMI Defense is currently working with the Army and the Air Force at locations in Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, and Virginia.