Advertiser FAQ


1. Why advertise on the golf scoreboard?

An FMI golf scoreboard provides the rare opportunity for permanent signage directly on a Military Installation. There are very few ways to directly promote your company’s brand and to gain brand loyalty to this coveted, but hard to reach demographic.

2. Are military golf courses open to the public?

Yes, most military golf courses are open to the public so both military and civilians can play the courses.

3. How does my scoreboard advertisement help the military?

A significant portion of your scoreboard advertising dollars goes directly to the Installations’ Family Support Organization such as the MWR and FSS. FMI Defense works with the installation to place the scoreboard on military golf courses around the country. The installation Family Support Organization’s sole mission is to better the lives of military members and their families. These organizations are Non-Appropriated Funds organizations which means they receive no tax dollars. They generate funds from operations (like the golf course) and sponsorships.

4. Explain how the Reward Cards work?

Every advertiser participates in our Reward Card Program. Each Reward Card is good for a free greens fee at the golf course. We provide each advertiser an unlimited number of these cards which can be distributed to their military and civilian customers, clients, employees, family and friends. One side of the card is good for a free greens fee at the golf course while the reverse side promotes the advertiser’s business.

5. How do the Reward Cards benefit the military?

The Reward Cards drive additional rounds of golf to the military golf course by filling available tee times. Although the green fees are free, the golfer will rent a cart and may hit a bucket of balls at the practice range, purchase food and beverages or buy something in the pro shop. The more Reward Cards an advertiser distributes, the more potential revenue the military will receive.

6. How do the Reward Cards benefit the advertisement?

The Reward Cards help differentiate your business within the market and provides a competitive advantage. Whether you are a retailer, restaurant or apartment complex, imagine being able to give everyone of your customers, guests, tenants and even employees unlimited free golf. What a great way to build loyalty!

7. Can I give the Reward Cards to my employees?

Yes. A number of our advertisers use the Reward Cards as an additional perk to their employees. Human Resource departments love the idea of being able to offer all their employees the equivalent of a membership to the golf course.

8. Can the Reward Cards be used to offer discounts on the advertiser’s product and services?

Yes. Many of our advertisers have effectively used the Reward Cards to drive revenue back to their business by offering discounts and specials. It is a great Win / Win. The advertiser gets repeat business and builds customer loyalty while the customer returns for the special promotion and more Reward Cards and free golf.

9. What additional benefits do advertisers receive?

Because a portion of all advertising revenue goes directly to the military installation, our advertisers are permitted to place in all their advertising and marketing material the installation’s Family Support Organization logo and the phrase “Proud Sponsors” of that organization. In a market where the primary demographic is the military, this program feature significantly differentiates our advertisers from their competition. The military may be more likely to support a business that supports them.

10. Are there any other opportunities for Golf for the advertisers?

Yes. Our premier Marquee and Center Scoring Panel Advertisers also receive an annual golf tournament for up to 120 players. The tournament comes with free greens fees. The advertiser will coordinate with the Director of Golf and pay for the golf carts and any food or beverages desired for the tournament.

11. When are the advertising fees due?

FMI will not invoice the advertiser until their sign is visible to the public. We can invoice on an annual or quarterly basis. Whichever works best for our advertisers. FMI offers discounts for single annual payments.